tabung simpanan masa depan

Sunday, June 16, 2013


dear eyemeria,

it's quite stress in this two weeks.sometimes i really need something that can boost up my spirit to work hard and be strong.i just need to be stronger,and trust myself in anything that i so many things to do in my worklist and in my mind.and sometimes i am nearly give up but still trying as long as my family and friends always together with me and give me their support.i always try but  i'm tired, both physical and mental.

i almost give up now.not sure whether i can share my problems with other since everyone has their own problem too.but i know i always have u to tell everything.i just pray that Allah always show me the right path for my future and always help me in whatever i do.

thesis,teaching,dancing,please bear with me.together we can make it ok.

thank you for listening.

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