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Thursday, April 21, 2011

hey ladies!URGENT!

for all ladies,

i just wanna invite you guys to this awesome dance class!i've been attend the dance class with novem since bila entah,i forgot already but i really enjoy it!u guys don't wanna miss it too!so,since ramai yang kerja isnin sampai jumaat kan,jadi what if u guys do burn your calories on saturday??at least,do some exercise right.

i attend the monday class but still rasa macam nak join the saturday class jugak..especially sesiapa yang tinggal around pj,um,bangsar,and tak kisahlah mana-mana around kl :),jom join kelas ni.

below is the forwarded email sent by novem yesterday.check the details out ya'll!

Dear All,

New weekend class, Aero-Dance is now launching at Menara TM.
Following is the class details:
Class Day : Every Saturday
Class Time : 9:00 - 10:00AM
Venue: Aerobics Room at Menara TM Kuala Lumpur
Fees : RM120 - May & June (8 sessions)
For those who are interested to join us to BURN FAT & STAY FIT, kindly please
register with payment to Novem Chan 017-417 1119 or email NOW!!! 
Visit our website for more details:

P/S: Due to the limited space of the aerobics room, we can take in 20 people the most
at a time. Class registration is first come first serve basis. Hurry Up, Register Now!

Best Regards
Novem Chan Dance & Fitness

just give it a try and enjoy it yourself :)



Idayu Ibrahim said...

u already join kan...
so how???best x??? ayu berminat tp x reti menari lah....uhuk

Eyemeria said...

jom lah ayu...yang kelas saturday nih sgt bagus utk beginner,sbb memang die ajar start dr awal..aimi join kelas ari isnin,tapi nak join sabtu jugak..jom jom..ajak kwn2 ayu yg lain..plz spread this eh..