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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a bee looking for pink flowers

hello peeps..

seems like a long time since i didn't update the 'Appreciation to the nature' for the next part aite..for this time, i just manage to upload the pics of a bee looking for pink flowers. this pics were captured during my fieldwork to Carey Island where oil palm plantation dominated most of the island.the pink flowers was planted in purpose as beneficial plant in controlling pest in oil palm plantation. while observing the Black-shouldered Kite on electrical pole in the area of young oil palm next to main road, i saw a few bees searching for nectar and a bee caught my eyes as it kept flying around the area where i was standing..i took my 500D and snap the pics..hey,i was using 18-55mm lens only so i have to be very careful to approach it and avoid myself from got stung by da bee..

so,here the piccas...:)

psstt::i think this kind of bee like pink colour and thank god i'm not wearing pink that day!

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