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Thursday, December 2, 2010

stupid guy

Stupid Guy

I will not let go
I will not fall
I will not cry
Because of it all
Sure it does hurt
But you won’t see
All of what
You’ve done to me

And you won’t know
The scars underneath
They don’t come through the skin
I’m not one of those freaks
You can’t hurt me

Visibly I hide myself
I’m a twisted soul
Thrown up from the depths of hell
Yet back down I go
You’ve made a mistake
But you’ll never regret
All the others you’ve hurt
You’ve seen nothing yet

Have you changed my life
And the next persons too?
Sure you have
What’s left to do?
Maybe push someone else
Break one more heart
Make them scream and cry
Is that only the start?

You don’t hurt me
Won’t get me to break
I know all these tricks
You’re just a big fake
And I won’t fall in love
I’ll see through all the lies
Of every single stupid guy

terbaeklah perempuan nih tulis poem ni.mesti dia geram sangat dengan boyfriend dia.what a stupid guy she tetap sayang lelaki tau coz my father and my brothers semua what?aha..wishing for a smart and caring guy?

alangkah bagus if ada orang yang ada semua ciri-ciri dalam lagu ni:

mana nak cari?kalau ada pun,diam-diam jelah kan.terima je orang yang disukai tu seadanya.betul tak?

dah dah..patutnya buat poster untuk dah menyimpang belok-belok pulak.ok,have a nice day everyone!

psstt::apsal sekarang asyik rasa nak tengok handphone?menyampah betul.


Wanita Mutalib said...

like :)

oh suka lagu itu jua.. :)

Cik Birder said...

kan..suke kan???hihi