tabung simpanan masa depan

Friday, January 8, 2010

oh,saya tidak faham

huhu,sometimes i can't understand how people can sleep nearly 24 hours in one's unbelievable..i know they might be very tired..but is by sleeping more than 8 hours will help to release it?oh come on,you will feel more tired and dizzy..sometimes, i can't stand on people like's not a good habit,waste your time by sleeping while you can do many other works.i mean sleeping at night,not sleeping from morning until evening,then at night,you are awake.hello, we're in malaysia, not in other country which its time is not same like are not a polar bear which is have to hibernate for a long time or a bat or an owl which are active at night to capture their prey and find are a human,which suppose to act like human.during day,we should working,studying,chill out with friends,praying and do other activities,or you also can take a NAP, and at night is to sleep and get enough rest. 

i can't accept your reason anymore.....if sleeping is more important,than go for it..think about it and thank you