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Monday, January 25, 2010


oh,should i change the title?


please, don't's not an advertisement about the 'ubat kuat' like we always see the ads hang on  the wall,or any electric pole shows SUPERMAN logo with 'semakin panjang..semakin 01X-XXXXXXX'..hahahhaa...i guess superman must be suprised when he see the ads,aite?

hey,LG CHOCOLATE is here with latest innovation..longer and sexy like a supermodel!i like it!during my 1st year study,i really wish that i could have this chocolate!chocolate that can make my heart sing 'lalalalala' when i talk to my father and mother and laughing like a crazy woman with my friends.but now,it comes back with longer design,just like a chocolate bar that make my heart melt when i first see's seducing me,ok..

why i like it longer?

~ with the 4 inch widescreen and 5.0 megapixels, i can capture many landscape images (my favourite) and also picture with many many friends!doesn't count the number of friends,i can capture the image of their faces clearly!
~ easy to check email, update blog,watching video with its wide and longer screen!
~easy to hold and because it is thin,i can keep it in my pocket without worrying my pants will look bulky.i can keep it in my long purse as well...:)easy to bring it anywhere!
~it's so feminine!
~i feel like a supermodel when i use it!hey,i'm chubby and kinda short,and by having this handphone, i really feel like i have long legs,super duper sexy,wow!

see...that's me when i have the LG Chocolate...oh,aimi tipoo...

i really wish to have this elegant,beautiful,and sexy handphone..and now i'll sleep dreaming of this LG CHOCOLATE...yum yum yummy!

' I want nobody,nobody...but U!'


meorazor said...

ngh2 lapor leh ngap3 henpon tu yerk

nadialogy said...

aimi sudah pandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai..
i oso want longer! muehehehe

eyemeria said...

tulah pasal meyor...sedap tuh..nampak menggiurkan kan?eheh....didie!!!jom longer longer...!