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Friday, June 11, 2010

dear kite


you look at me,
and i look at you,
you know how bored i am??
looking at you for the rest of my life
is there anything you can do for me??

you look at me again,
and i stare at you..confused..
what are you doing there..
how can you stay doing nothing for a long hours..
how you cope with your partner without looking at other handsome kite,
how you can be so brave flying higher and higher freely..
how and how and how...keep playing in my mind..

i need you..yes,i need you to make me smile again..
all my smiles gone with my heart..
just feel lost and empty..
but i know there is a hope..for me..
help me sunshine..brighten my life back..
help me rainbow,give me colors..
give me strength,give me hope,give me happiness..
and i'll smile again..

psstt::inilah yang akan terhasil bila dah kebosanan memandang engkau,kite..tapi kau tetap di pandangan mata

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